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Oolong Tea
Formosa Oolong Tea, a beverage that is incredibly delicious served either hot or over ice. You can
drink it throughout the day and know that you are benefiting your body with hydration,
antioxidants and polyphenols.  A beautiful tea with full, refreshing, fruity-sweet aromas and
flavors to match.

Formosa Oolong teas have a long list of potential health benefits because they are only partially
fermented and remain essentially in their natural state. Oolong tea leaves are full of antioxidants
and polyphenols that, when drank daily, may protect you from serious illnesses such as cancer and
heart disease.  Formosa Oolong tea is also an excellent addition to your weight loss program. The
combination of antioxidants and caffeine has been shown to speed up your metabolism without
making you jittery the way other caffeinated beverages can.
Formosa Oolong Tea
1/2 lb Bag   Price:  $9.95
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