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Origins Coffee From around the World

Travel the world and try a new single origins coffee from a different exotic
location each month! How about a Kona Coffee, Blue Mountain Coffee, Costa Rican Coffee, or
Columbian Coffee?

Origins Coffee-Producing Countries

Today Brazil is responsible for about a third of all coffee production, making it by far the heavyweight
champion of the coffee-producing world. Though many connoisseurs believe that Brazil’s emphasis on
quantity takes a toll on quality, many also praise the devastating 1975 frost, in particular, was a boon to
other coffee-growing countries. country’s finer varieties. Brazil is the only high-volume producer subject to
frost. The Two 1994 frosts raised prices worldwide.
Notable Beans: Bahia, Bourbon Santos

Colombia is the only South American country with both Atlantic and Pacific ports—an invaluable aid to
shipping. The crop’s economic importance is such that all cars entering Colombia are sprayed for harmful
bacteria. Colombia’s origins coffee grows in the moist, temperate foothills of the Andes, where the
combination of high altitude and moist climate makes for an especially mild cup.
Notable Beans: Medellin, Supremo, Bogotá

The Dutch unwittingly gave coffee a nickname in the late 17th century, when they began the first successful
European coffee plantation on their island colony of Java (now part of Indonesia). Top-grade Arabicas are
still produced on Java as well as on Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Flores, but the Indonesian archipelago is most
notable as the world’s largest producer of robusta beans.
Notable Beans: Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi (Celebes)

Coffee came to Mexico from Antilles at the end of the 18th century, but was not exported in great quantities
until the 1870s. Today approximately 100,000 small farms generate most Mexican coffee, and most of the
beans come from the south. Mexico is the largest source of U.S. coffee imports.
Notable Beans: Altura, Liquidambar MS, Pluma Coixtepec

The natural home of the arabica tree and the setting for most of origins coffee legends, Ethiopia is Africa’s
top arabica exporter and leads the continent in domestic consumption. About 12 million Ethiopians make
their living from  origins coffee, whose name is said to be a derivation of “Kaffa,” the name of an Ethiopian
Notable Beans: Harrar, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe

According to legend, India is the birthplace of coffee cultivation east of Arabia. Today coffee production is
under the strict control of the Indian Coffee Board, which some say reduces economic incentive and thereby
lowers quality.
Notable Beans: Mysore, Monsooned Malabar

German immigrants initiated serious coffee cultivation in Guatemala in the 19th century. Today the country’
s high-grown beans, particularly those grown on the southern volcanic slopes, are among the world’s best
origins coffee.
Notable Beans: Atitlan, Huehuetenango
Origins Coffee, grown in different parts of the world!  Try one of these selections and treat
your taste buds to something wonderful! A coffee lovers paradise!
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Origins Coffee Selection:

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