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How to Decaffeinate Coffee
Swiss Water Process

In the Swiss Water Process, the green coffee beans are soaked in hot water to remove the
caffeine and compounds responsible for much of the flavor of the coffee flavor.  The first
batch of coffee beans is then discarded, while the caffeine is stripped from the solution by
means of activated carbon then used to soak a new batch of decaffeinated green coffee
beans.  The  principle of water procesed decaf coffee is that the solution is saturated  with all
components soluble in water other than caffeine. Therefore, only the caffeine in the bean is
allowed to escape whereas the rest of the compounds are in equilibrium.  Unfortunately, the
flavor of batches is intermixed since the chemically saturated solution is used repeatedly.

CO2 Process

In the carbon dioxide decaffeination process, green coffee beans are soaked in highly
compressed CO2, which extracts the caffeine.  The caffeine is then removed from the CO2
using activated carbon filters, which are then reused to extract caffeine from the coffee again.

Sparkling Water Process

The sparkling water decaffeination process is similar to the CO2 method, but instead of
removing the caffeine with activated carbon filters, the caffeine is washed from the CO2 with
sparkling water in a secondary tank, which is then recycled to extract more caffeine from the
coffee.  The solvent consists of approximately 99.7% compressed carbon dioxide and 0.3%
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