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Decaf Kenya AA
Origins Coffee
Decaf Kenya aa Coffee
Decaf Kenya AA is superb. An outstanding decaf cup has 1/40 of the
caffeine of a regular cup, but every drop of its amazing flavor and aroma is
still in there!
Weight   1lb   $19.95                                                  Weight   5 lb   $79.95
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Decaf Kenya AA Coffee
Choose Grind
Decaf Kenya AA Coffee
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Since caffeine is oderless and tasteless, when expertly removed, your  Kenya AA Arabica beans
are almost all wet-processed meaning that the cherry's outer layer is stripped off with a machine
and then the beans are placed into a water tank. While in the fermentation tank, the beans
natural enzymes loosen the sticky residue left on the bean. When laid out to dry, the last layer,
parchment, is easily removed from the bean with a huller.
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