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Decaf Sumatra Mandheling
Origins Coffee
Decaf Sumatra Mandheling Coffee
Decaf Sumatra Manheling origins coffee has a thick and syrupy chocolaty
feel with a rich brown sugar taste. This gourmet coffee is widely known for
its full-bodied texture, mild earthy notes, and deep-toned coffee decaf. It's
low in acidity with a slight black pepper finish that is sure to tantalize you.
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Decaf Coffee
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Decaf Coffee
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"Decaf" is not a dirty word in the origins coffee world. Unless you were having a side by side
taste test, you wouldn’t be able to tell this beverage was decaffeinated. Caffeine has no flavor,
so because we spare no expense making sure this beverage was decaffeinated by artisans, you
won’t be missing a thing…Oh, except the jitters of course!
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Decaf Origins Coffee
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