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Green Dragon Oolong
Green Tea
Green Dragon oolong is a smooth and aromatic Taiwanese oolong tea and is greener than most.
Lighter in color in both leaf and liquor, the Green Dragon Oolong is oxidized for a shorter period
of time then the darker oolong teas. This makes for an entirely different character, a lighter,
delicate flavor with a hint of floral undertones. Green Dragon has a medium body and a fantastic
lingering after taste.

The tightly hand-rolled leaves expand to reveal a bud and two leaves that can be brewed several
times, with each infusion creating a new experience. Green Dragon Oolong naturally has very little
caffeine, but boosts a superior green tea flavor.

We highly recommend that Green Dragon Oolong be used for multiple steeps, each time unveiling
a gorgeous glint of gold color liquor. The tightly rolled pellet like leaves will open more and more
with each infusion, bringing you new flavor and fresh fruity aroma each and every time.
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Green Dragon Oolong Green Tea for Tea Lovers!
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Green Dragon Oolong Green Tea
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