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Gyokuro Asahi
Rare Green Tea
Gyokuro Asahi green tea is one of the finest Japanese Green teas you can find. The name translates
to Jade dew and it is known to be one of the most luxurious of the sencha teas in all of Japan.
This gourmet tea is protected while it develops, keeping the tea under 90% shade for 20 days. When
the first buds appear, the entire area is covered with bamboo - reducing the effects of
photosynthesis. Gyokuro tea develops a higher chlorophyll content (making the leaves a dark green)
and gives it a very distinct flavor. The tea has a sweet flavor, a byproduct of the low tannin content
that this process produces. Gyokuro is a rare tea which will brew a sweet, clear cup.

Under the green tea umbrella, Gyokuro tea will offer you amazing potential health benefits. From
weight loss, prevention of heart disease, to lowering your risk for cancer and diabetes, green tea is
known throughout the world to boost your overall health. Enjoy two cups a day and while your
taste buds rejoice, know that you are doing something good for your body!
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Gyokuro Asahi Rare Green Tea for Tea Lovers!
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