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Mara Stoneware Mugs

Designed by the accomplished painter, sculptor, and ceramicist Mara. They are microwave and
dishwasher safe and are capable of being used for any food and drink. Mara uses simplification
to give life to her work of ceramic tableware. Her glazes are unique for their quality and color
and her fine lines blend shape and essence into images. Giving these mugs is a gift of class and
thoughtfulness. The warm earthy colors and smooth finish just begs you to wrap your hands
around one every morning.

With so many styles and colors to choose from, it makes gift giving fit everyone's personality.  
If you know someone that enjoys their coffee, latte, cappuccino, or soup then you know
someone who would love a Mara coffee mug.
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Mara 16 oz. Round Mugs    Price: $19.96 - Each
Free Wood Post
when you order
4 or 6 mugs!
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 2K Woman/Dove
Front/Back view of one mug
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 A3 Butterflies
Mara Mugs 16 oz
510 A4 Fish
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 A9 Whales
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 BO Bears
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 B1 Eagle
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 B2 Coyotes
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 B3 Elephants
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 B6 Owls
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 B7 Roadrunner
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 C0 Wolves
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 C2 Elk
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 C5 Horses
Mara Mugs 16oz
510 C8 Buffalo
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Mara Mug Lids
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Hand Finished
Lead & Cadmium Free
Microwave & Dishwasher Safe!
Stoneware Mugs Wooden Post
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Mara Mugs
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16 oz. Round Mugs    Price: $19.96 - Each
Choose Design
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Mara Mugs Butterflies
Mara Mugs Fish
Mara Mugs Whales
Mara Mugs Bears
Mara Mugs Eagle
Mara Mugs Coyotes
Mara Mugs Elephants
Mara Mugs Owls
Mara Mugs Road Runner
Mara Mugs Wolves
Mara Mugs Elk
Mara Mugs Horses
Mara Mugs Buffalo
16 oz. Round Mugs
Mara Stoneware Mugs
Mara Stoneware Mugs bring such delight to the eyes, yet  
are very functional and practical for everyday use.  These
Mara Stoneware Mugs make fabulous gifts. They are warm,
practical, and last a life time.
Shipping Note:
All of our Mara & Padilla products are shipped by
UPS Ground
within the Continental USA.  For
International orders,  Please call us for a
shipping quote at 616-450-6677